Our Story

President, John Martin Wood, a boating enthusiast from Tallahassee, Florida, has grown up on the Forgotten Coast, which has inspired him. “As a young child I would spend the whole summer down at our family’s beach house and would have the freedom to go boating on my own, exploring the grass flats and salt marshes.” John Martin has always been interested in boating, which is the main reason for his passion behind On The Fly Jack Plates.  The main purpose of On The Fly Jack Plates was to come up with a simple and effective manual jack plate at a price lower than electric hydraulic jack plates. Our design allows boaters to adjust the height of their outboard motor while on the water, and to make raising and lowering your motor less complicated than the manual jack plates that are already on the market.  After reviewing volumes of boat forums, John Martin realized this product is what boaters are searching for and that the demand for this type of boat accessory would be high. With its patent pending applications, On The Fly Jack Plates produces the fastest manual jack plate in the world.
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