CLIQ Portable Chair Camping Chairs – A Small Collapsible Portable Chair That Goes Every Where Outdoors. Compact Folding Chair

CLIQ Portable Chair Camping Chairs – A Small Collapsible Portable Chair That Goes Every Where Outdoors. Compact Folding Chair


Color Black
Brand CLIQ
Product Dimensions 3.4″D x 3.4″W x 13″H
Style Portable
Special Feature Lightweight, Foldable

  • 100% Nylon
  • Bottle sized outdoor chairs for anywhere: The Cliq foldable chair is almost the size of your drink bottle, making them great folding chairs for outside, as you can take them anywhere conveniently.
  • Outdoor chair ready in 5 seconds: Our outdoor chair is not only compact, but it can set up in five seconds. Our tip-proof foldable chair keeps you stable in all environments.
  • Built for anywhere: Cliq’s foldable chair is super versatile and perfect for all outdoor adventures, or somewhere simple like your lawn. The lawn chair is an essential to add to your outdoor accessories.
  • Supportive chair: Our lawn chair has been tested extensively and supports 300 pounds, while only weighing 3.5 pounds. With aircraft-grade aluminum, ripstop ballistic nylon and double seams, our chairs will last a lifetime.
  • Useful for anywhere: Cliq’s foldable chair is not only just perfect for your lawn – these outdoor chairs are suitable for barbecues, picnics, beach days, backpacking trips, music festivals and concerts.


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CLIQ Portable Chair Camping Chairs – A Small Collapsible Portable Chair That Goes Every Where Outdoors. Compact Folding Chair

Additional information

Dimensions 3.4 × 13 in




Product Dimensions

‎3.4"D x 3.4"W x 13"H



Special Feature

‎Lightweight, Foldable





Room Type

‎Tent, Outdoor

Age Range (Description)


Back Style

‎Solid Back

Unit Count

1 Count

Item Weight

‎3.87 Pounds

Model Name

‎Camping Chairs

Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Package Weight

‎1.96 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎3.4 x 3.4 x 13 inches

Brand Name


Suggested Users


Part Number


Outer Material




Date First Available

February 15, 2019


‎CLIQ, ‎Go Products LP

10 reviews for CLIQ Portable Chair Camping Chairs – A Small Collapsible Portable Chair That Goes Every Where Outdoors. Compact Folding Chair

  1. Karin Moore

    Broke in 2 months but Cuatomer service greatWorked great and was very comfortable – until it broke. Bought it for my HS junior who used it for sports and one of the legs snapped 2 months after it was gifted. Company has been great offering new chair or refund.

  2. JustAnotherConsumer

    So far it’s greatI just received the chair a few days ago and used it for the first time yesterday.First impression out of the box was yeah it’s small and light especially for a chair claiming 300lb capacity.I am about 6 foot 5 and 265 lb so I’m hoping they are solid on their weight claims and durability. I’m a big farm boy ex football player type so I need things that are durable. I also love to camp so I like things that are portable and don’t have to fiddle with to much to setup. This thing fits the bill.I glanced over the instructions – easy enough, 5 second setup is a big No. I’m sure some nerd with the design team calculated and spent several days doing it over and over to pull it off but you know, unless you popped the button and it assembled itself that isn’t gonna happen for us mere mortals.Pretty inconsequential though, because I still had it together the first time in probably a minute or so as I figured it out. no crazy pushing, pulling or stretching and fiddling with trying to get things in holes. Next time probably take me 15 seconds honestly now that I see how it works.Just check out the assembly instructions it’s super easy once you check those out and make sure you pull out ALL of the extensions on each of the upper arms of the seat frame.My main purpose for this was to run home from work grab my boy and a chair, run to football practice and not have to spend 10 minutes pushing and pulling on a chair to get it setup. To hot at this point in the summer and no patience after work.I popped it open in about a minute next to the boys water bottle dump site and parked my butt in it and was a nice and comfortable sort of reclined position, similar to my other portable chairs I have only i didn’t break a sweat setting it up. it was simple, quick and perfectly comfortable.2 hour practice with probably at least a 1 hour stretch in the chair and never felt the need to even really adjust. I have a big frame so I won’t say I had lots of room cause it was snug, obviously, since I am at its absolute design limits but It was still totally comfy for me.Take note though, This isn’t a sit by the fire for 5 hours and fall asleep kind of chair, it will strain your neck over time. Same as any other portable design like this. But for a couple hours for it’s portability and ease to setup – fantastic. Best one I have tried to this point for ease of setup and really compact design and comfort.Is it easy to setup – yes!!!Is it light – yes, even at 3.5 -4 lbs my other similar chairs weigh more.Take it camping, absolutely. Understand what kind of camping you want to do. Yuppy camping, no doubt. Backpack under a couple miles and setup an extended camp, yeah I would take it.Football practice, cookouts, the park with the kids – absolutely. Setup time and effort to do so are fantastic.I really hope this holds up – I found several reviews where the legs break off after I bought it. I hope those flaws are fixed at this point or the warranty should at least be stellar at this price.Cons:it is REALLY expensive – about twice as expensive as my other fairly high end versions of this design at about $100 per chair at the time of my purchase. I have very high expectations for durability at this price point so I really hope they deliver because in my opinion they nailed exactly what I was looking for. At this price point though it is definitely a luxury item. Hopefully it holds up and the price can come down as people catch on and the quality is as high as it should be. I would love to buy one each for the rest of my family but price won’t let me be going there. Nothing to do with cliq, they do what they gotta do to be profitable but if ya got the cash to buy it, after 1 day of using it – buy it. Functionally it’s awesome, durability we’ll have to see.UpdateI have used the chair about 10 times now. Up to 2 – 2 1/2 hours of sitting time at practice or games.LOVE the design, compactness and lightweight simplicity. I can set this thing up in 30 seconds or less now and it is effortless.Fits in my small backpack and it’s really quite awesome.Sitting in it, for me, as I suspected, starts reaching its comfort limits at around 2 -3 hours due to kneck and shoulder strain. I just get up and stretch it out a bit and I’m good.But I am a big guy, and at this chairs limits in design as stated earlier being 6’5 and 265-270I still desperately hope it will hold up. As with all of these chair types I hope the pressure points in the fabric seat do not rip out.All in all I love this thingI can pull it out, release the Velcro strap and flip it with one hand to get it into setup mode.A few quick pulls on the arms and click, click, click and I’m sitting.I love compact efficient and most importantly functional gadgets. This one is legit and great engineering.Not gonna lie, I love watching the peoples faces when I whip this out and can slap it together in seconds and I think they expect it will just collapse under my weight and it doesn’t and they go whoa.So far I’m still putting it in the best , most compact and easiest setup chair ever category.

  3. jda666

    Packs up wellThis chair is compact, and is pretty straightforward to assemble / disassemble. Works great to put in the back of the car for sports events, etc. Overall, pretty good.

  4. A. Hiram

    Great Compact Chair, Great Customer ServiceI bought two of the chairs to use for kayaking. They are small enough to fit inside of the storage compartment in the hull of the kayak so that they can be unfolded and used once you find a nice spot to rest and have a picnic. They are very sturdy and easy to set up. I have been really impressed with their customer service. After having the chairs for a year, two the the screws in the legs came loose and I lost them. I emailed Cliq with pictures of my chair missing the leg screws. They responded back within a day, ensured they understood the part that I needed, and sent me the replacement screws immediately for no charge. No hassle and no problems. Then, they followed up with me after the screws were received to make sure that everything went ok. I was SOOO pleased. I do not work for this company and I do not know anyone that has any affiliation with Cliq. They just deserved a great review. Get the chairs and just make sure you check the screws every once in a while to make sure they’re tight.

  5. Jim H

    If you want ease of use, it’s OKThe media could not be loaded.

     In retrospect, it’s very easy to open and close, but it feels like you are about to tip over at all times when sitting in it, even though you are not. This is because there is slight “play” where the “arm” meets the “leg” of the chair, and where the legs attach to the center unit (see video). It seems this is part of the design, and it is what makes this chair fold instead of need to be taken apart. Each arm is attached to a leg by a single rivet pin, and each leg is attached to the center piece, by a single rivet pin. This allows it to fold, but also means it isn’t going to feel completely tight and rigid when you sit in it. In fact, I suspect over time, the “play” will increase until it fails.I conclude that it’s too expensive, but without consideration for price, I think it’s too heavy to carry on hikes often. It weights about the same as a half gallon of water (4 lbs.).I only actually used it a couple times because of this. It’s not worth the additional weight, just so you can open it with a button. I recommend a telescoping stool, because it’s lighter, but not quite as comfortable if you want to “lounge” in it though. I’ve watched others pull out their hiking chairs. Sure, they have to spend a few minutes putting it together. But at half the weight, 1/4 the price, equal or better stability, and similar comfort,…Great customer service. They read these posts, and react to any dissatisfaction. That brings it from 3 stars to 4.

  6. Tammy

    clearly says chair and bag only got bagWord for word what descriptions says : Cliq Camping Chair – Most Funded Portable Chair in Crowdfunding History. | Bottle Sized Compact Outdoor Chair | Sets up in 5 Seconds | Supports 300lbs | Aircraft Grade AluminumGood price for char and bag ( picture of bag to carry chair) all for 19.00 Prime day sale. What do they send me? Just the bag for 21.00 plus tax. Where’s my chair? Don’t fall for this you do not get what they advertise. Very upset with them.UPDATED:Wanted to give them a fair review because their chair is probably great and that’s not what my review was for it’s for the site and description. They need to separate bag and chairs in a way that you know what you are ordering. Went back and checked and chairs are 99.00 and should have checked closer and would have realized. Got my refund and happy now. Just hope they just add chair bag only.

  7. AJ Gonzalez

    easy to transportA bit on the heavy side but not too cumbersome. It is not as easy as the video suggests to set up and fold down, and watch your fingers or they will get pinched. I am not a big guy and while you do sit it could be a bit more comfortable for the money.

  8. S. Davis

    Very impressedI knew nothing about portable chairs when I started looking for something I could strap on the back of my bike. I got really lucky, I guess because this is exactly what I was looking for. The first time I opened it, it was a bit difficult to extend the 2nd extensions on the back of the chair, but after a couple of times, it is now very easy. The fabric just needed to stretch a little bit and adjust itself.It’s a bit heavy, but very sturdy and is amazingly compact when folded. I’m 190lbs and 64 years old and can rock back an forth in it and get out of it easily. As others have noted, sitting for hours in it might not be great because it doesn’t give you any support on your upper back or neck, but for stopping in a nice spot and having a picnic lunch, it’s perfect.It’s a very high-quality piece of kit and I’m very happy with the purchase.

  9. Juniper

    So far so good…The media could not be loaded.

     I’ve had this chair for about two weeks, and I’ve used it for hours each day so far. So far, I have not been disappointed.The main feature I wanted with this char was easy assembly and take down. I wanted a chair that I could fit in a regular backpack, to be taken to local parks in my area. I often like to spend time outdoors on my days off and I stroll around and often I’d like to sit down a spell. Without the chair though, I’d have to sit on benches that were uncomfortable and I’d have to take what there was there.Like there’s a huge willow tree at one park next to the lake. I wanted to be able to sit there, but there’s just dirt with lots of water foul droppings all over. I needed a chair to sit there. I know I could have gotten a cheap collapsible chair for $20 at the supermarket, but it would be huge and hard to carry.I tried one of those $40 chairs that assemble like a tent, but those were hard to assemble and hard to take apart. I returned it. I needed something that I could setup in under a minute, and this chair does that!About the chair: it’s not as comfortable as some other chairs. It’s back is low, and you can’t stretch your legs out and cross at the ankles because of binding at the front of the chair. This lack of absolute comfort is clearly due to the compromises they had to make to get the size down to the bare minimum. I’m 6’1″ at 180ish lbs.It’s also super heavy at 3lbs 11oz! But again, this is a compromise due to the ease of assembly and take down. I probably wouldn’t take this on a through hike.But I’m someone who experiences buyers remorse an awful lot. I haven’t found it on this purchase. I will continue to use this chair and I predict it will get a lot on use in the coming months. If things go South and things fall apart, I will update this review including the company’s response if it comes up. The warranty is one year, so if this lasts 2 years of regular use I will consider it a success.The only wear I see is the decal at the back seems to want to peel off. Not a serious issue.$100 is a lot for a chair, but for what I wanted, this chair falls within my requirements. It had a coupon, so I got it just just under $100 shipped with taxes.

  10. DJ

    Quality materials and easy set up but heavier than expectedReally high quality chair and easy to use but much heavier than expected. Reasonably compact, but not optimal for hiking. Doesn’t come with a bag but can be ordered separately.

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CLIQ Portable Chair Camping Chairs – A Small Collapsible Portable Chair That Goes Every Where Outdoors. Compact Folding Chair

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