Helinox Chair One Original Lightweight, Compact, Collapsible Camping Chair, Coyote Tan

Helinox Chair One Original Lightweight, Compact, Collapsible Camping Chair, Coyote Tan


Color Coyote Tan
Brand Helinox
Product Dimensions 20″D x 21.5″W x 25.5″H
Special Feature Foldable
Material Aluminum
  • Lightweight, compact camping and backpacking chair packs smaller and weighs less than a bottle of wine
  • Chair frame is constructed from advanced proprietary aluminum alloy to provide maximum strength at a minimum weight; holds up to 320 pounds
  • Removable seat and zippered carrying case are made from durable, UV-resistant, 600-weave rip-stop polyester; material is machine washable
  • Setup is fast with a single internal bungee cord that assembles poles; assembled chair measures 21.5W x 20D x 25.5H inches, seat height is 10 inches
  • Ideal for travel and camping; weighs 2.10 pounds and measures 4 x 4.5 x 14 inches packed in included bag; manufacturer’s five-year warranty



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Product Description

Helinox chair frame

Chair One

Helinox logo

At Home, Anywhere

Since 2009, Helinox has brought comfort outdoors by designing premium packable furniture and accessories, so that you can be At Home, Anywhere.

Furniture is meant to travel, so we’ve designed ours to be portable, durable and beautiful as well as comfortable. That means you can relax when you’re backpacking deep in the woods, sitting on an urban rooftop, lounging at the beach, car camping, or simply hanging out in the backyard.

Helinox Chair One Original

Lightweight, Compact, Collapsible Camping Chair

The original Helinox Chair One ensures everyone has a seat at the table. This lightweight, compact camping and backpacking chair packs smaller and weighs less than a bottle of wine. The collapsible chair’s frame is made from proprietary aluminum alloy, for a maximum strength-to-weight ratio, and setup is easy and fast thanks to a single internal bungee cord that self-assembles the poles. The Helinox Chair One is the perfect easy-to-carry chair for travel, camping and other outdoor adventures.

the original packable frame chair

man in sunglasses tossing a chair zero to demonstrate its light weight

DAC proprietary aluminum poles

Backpacker with a Chair One Original lashed to their backpack

Helinox Chair One Original Lightweight, Compact, Collapsible Camping Chair, Coyote Tan

Additional information

Weight 0.89 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 21.5 × 25.5 in

Coyote Tan



Special Feature




Room Type


Frame Material


Age Range (Description)


Back Style

‎Solid Back

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Seat Material Type


Product Dimensions

20.08 x 21.65 x 25.59 inches, 20"D x 21.5"W x 25.5"H

Item Weight

0.89 Kilograms, 1.96 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number

Chair One

Date First Available

October 9, 2019



10 reviews for Helinox Chair One Original Lightweight, Compact, Collapsible Camping Chair, Coyote Tan

  1. C0SM0 SIX5

    Can’t justify the price…I ordered this and the moon Lance(45$). The helinox is a smidgen lighter. But the moon lence is just better. Pull tabs at each connect point on the chair fabric, a pocket… And it’s bigger slightly side to side so my 6’4″ 250lb body fits much better. I’m sitting in it in the house typing this lol. Save your money and go moon lence

  2. Review Companion

    Pretty StrongPROS: Easy assembly and set up/break down. Carrying case is great. Love the tan color. Cradles you.CONS: It does have some points that puts a little pressure on my shoulder blades, when leaned back. Takes practice getting up, you may want to hold the sides.**I bought a pack of six black pre-cut tennis balls as shoes for the Helinox Chair One. Love it!My next purchase may be the high back Helinox Sunset Chair.

  3. Tetsu Noguchi

    Very strong, pack weight is no different from other camp chairsI now have three backpacking chairs, they all wei about the same, or, at least, close enough to be negligible for me. I would likely select a different chair for different types of trips.When hiking alone, I’d probably go with a competitor’s chair that has the same seat height.When hiking in a small group for extended trips, I’d probably go with a competitor’s chair that sits lowerFor hiking in larger groups, I’d definitely take the Helinox Chair One. And really it comes to two simple reasons: – It’s build to withstand a lot of abuse, the most of any backpacking chair – It’s built wide, to accommodate a broad range of body types. – easier for most folks to get into and out of.Hiking in a larger group means all kinds of body types and personalities will be together. There’ll typically be a central campfire to gather around for food and relaxing, and chairs get strewn about and a lot of folks just don’t care what chair they sit in. So, likely, if I have my chair out, it’ll be first come first serve. Or I might get up for a sec to gather firewood, collect water, do some cooking, or maybe go check on my tent, or whatever, and come back and find someone in my chair.Now, that’s not a big deal, of course. But what I wouldn’t want is for someone to have an accident because the chair wasn’t really sturdy and possibly get hurt, or maybe someone’s body type is stockier and becomes extremely uncomfortable in the chair where the front digs into the thighs or the sides put too much pressure, making the chair uncomfortable.The Helinox chair is significantly wider seating than my other two chairs. Where the other two backpacking chair fits, not snug, but almost snug, the Helinox almost feel like a hammock. There is plenty of room for stockier folks to be comfortable, and nothing digs in. it’s also built to withstand 350 lbs.And it does seem immensely strong. Not sure it would hold up to the same rigors as my lower seat height camp chair, but it sure looks like it can take a beating, and when you don’t know how a “community property” piece of backpacking gear is going to be treated, you want it as risk free as possible.As I said in the beginning, all three camp chairs I have are essentially the same weight and they really are basically the same bulk. whichever one I throw in my pack, there is no noticeable difference in weight, nor can I fit any more or less gear, meaning their in-pack build is roughly the same.I guess the only reason I wouldn’t take this backpacking chair on all trips with me is that…well…it’s kinda big for my butt, and the other camp chairs are a little more comfortable for me because they are a bit more snug. btw, I measure 5’8″ when barefoot, 140lbs (maybe a touch more now).Oh, one more thing, it does seem to have you in a slightly more “sitting up” position than the other chairs. Not quite a straight back chair, but a little closer to that.

  4. nubbles

    Fantastic! A worthwhile comfort investmentAs another reviewer suggests: If you mostly car camp and occasionally go backpacking camping the chair one is the chair for you. If you primarily backpack then get the Chair Zero. I have suffered whatever cheap heavy folding chairs were on hand for years. Wow what a difference this makes, it fits in my backpack, adding 2.1lbs, and its actually really comfortable. I mostly adventure in the mountains where the ground is very firm and packed so I have no issues with the little legs sinking but if you go to the beach or anywhere else that’s soft you’re definitely going to want to buy the additional piece, or some furniture leg feet, or rubber cane ends

  5. A Traveler

    A nifty chair but this one’s not for meDefinitely lightweight and generally comfortable for what it is. Appears durable and well-made, and I like the carrying case. But, I’m returning it, and I realize I’m probably in the minority. This chair deserves its good reviews, but I’ll share my take on it.I jumped the gun and ordered this Helinox chair before comparing it side by side with REI’s version in an REI store. The reviews led me to think that I’d like the Helinox better, and usually that works for me. I received the chair, loved how it nearly instantly morphed from a bag of aluminum bones into seating. Then I sat in it and was surprised to be somewhat underwhelmed. The seat was ample enough, as the reviews had stated, and nothing was poking me or being in the wrong place. The trouble was that, when sitting with my back against the back of the chair, I was leaning too far back, too far back for my particular neck and back. For me, it wasn’t as comfortable as I expected it would be.So then I had to know the difference between it and the REI version. Off to REI I went. Everyone can compare the structural and cosmetic differences visually in the photos. As far as comfort goes, I could sit up a little straighter in the REI chair, which, for me, is more comfortable. (They could prop it up even more for my taste, but this will do.) The seat seems a little more narrow, but I’m neutral on that. I didn’t measure, but the back of the Helinox chair seems a little higher, which I’d think would mean more support, but for me that wasn’t true. The REI chair maybe seems a little more wobbly, but no less sturdy. The zippered Helinox case is a little nicer than REI’s drawstring bag, but they both do the same job.If you’re a large person, you may well find the Helinox to be the better choice. (I noticed that many of its glowing reviews are from men over 6’0″ tall.) I’m an average-sized, middle-aged woman in good shape but who needs a trip to the chiropractor periodically. The Helinox chair is by no means too large, it just had a strange seating angle for me. I’d think that other people would have the same experience, but I don’t recall reading any comments about the angle of the back. These chairs are lower to the ground than a regular chair, but I had no problem standing up from either one.So, great chair in concept, but, in my opinion, the back shouldn’t lean back so far. Also, I feel it’s overpriced (as is the REI version.) The $50 price of the knockoffs here on Amazon seems more realistic, but I wasn’t willing to chance one of those because of my back. I bought the REI chair (with help from my dividend) and am looking forward to using it for sketching excursions.

  6. Peggy

    Great for kayak camping!My husband and I enjoy going kayak camp at boat only access sites. The biggest challenge of kayak camping is that everything has to fit in the front and back storage areas of our kayaks, (not a lot of room).With the help of other reviewers here on Amazon, we have found some fantastic things perfect for backpackers or kayak campers, (tiny lantern that put out more light than our full sized lantern, small utensils for cooking/cleaning, smaller sized “nesting” cookware, etc). There was only one thing I felt I was missing … I love to read, and wished I could find some sort of small camping chair. I almost didn’t bother looking, because I figured there was no way I’d find something that was comfortable AND small enough to fit in the kayak storage compartment along with everything else we already had.I’m so glad that I looked!!! This chair is a miracle of engineering – it’s super light, folds up really small, and is surprisingly comfortable to sit in! My hubby is a big guy, (approx 250 pounds) and I was a little dubious about their claim that this chair can hold up to 300 pounds, (I was even more dubious when the chair arrived – it was so light that I couldn’t imagine it holding more than a child’s weight). We were scared to even sit in the thing at first, but it held our weight then and we’ve had absolutely no issues or concerns with it during the half dozen or so trips we taken so far this summer.The chair can be packed away so small because the entire frame of the chair, (the blue legs and support areas of the chairs we bought) all break down, (you just pull the legs out of the black connecting pieces, and you end up with a bundle of same sized pieces of tubing, (kinda like tent poles). The seat just slides off and can be rolled up and put in the same small carry bag as the frame poles. (I wish I could explain this better … hopefully there will be someone with more of an engineering background who can explain it more clearly.)I also hesitated on buying this chair because of the cost, (not cheap!) but it has been worth every penny! We can fit both chairs, (broken down into carrying/storage) in the front, (smaller) storage area of one kayak, along with our nesting cookware set and 2 blow up mattress, (which are also very small once they are rolled up and put into storage/carrying bag. It’s pretty impressive – we couldn’t be happier!

  7. Scott Christensen

    Worth Every PennyI saw a similar chair like this at an REI store and immediately thought I had to have one for backpacking. I never thought that those tripod style chairs would be that wonderful for backpacking. You just as well sit on a log given where I backpack in the Colorado Rockies. I went home and started researching these chairs when I ran across the Helinox version. I saved my money and bought one thru amazon.I must say this chair is remarkable. I am 5′-10″ and 250 pounds and I don’t worry about whether this chair will hold up. It is practically bullet-proof in its construction. The pockets that receive the DAC rods where you’d expect the most stress are reinforced with a very strong material. The stitching reminds you of what you see on climbing equipment or high quality backpacks. Each of the 4 corners are reinforced with thick padding so that nothing pokes into your shoulders or thighs while you’re sitting. The shape of the chair is perfect and comfortably seats your tired bum after a long hike. You could easily fall asleep in this chair. The DAC rod technology is amazing for its light weight and strength. The high impact plastic haunches where the rods come together is also well constructed and cleverly designed. You can set-up and take down the chair from its carry pouch in less than 30 seconds. It takes a bit of effort to force the rods into the pockets, but once they are in there you don’t worry they will pop out.If there is one draw-back it would be that the chair feels a little wobbly when you first sit in it or shift around a bit. But that is least to be expected for a chair weighing less than 2 pounds. I don’t believe it makes the chair unstable at all. It is good to have the chair on fairly level ground and depending on the soil the legs will sometimes sink into the ground. But in some cases that might not be all that bad. I like that it sits off the ground a little higher than the other chairs like this. It makes it easy to get in and out of, plus I think it enhances a more comfortable sitting position. Yes, this chair is a little pricey, but I have to say that it is one of the best $90 I ever spent. I am one of those backpackers that like to sacrifice a little weight for comfort and this is one comfortable chair. My hat’s off to the designers of this one.

  8. M. Webb

    a bit expensive, but worth itok, let’s get to it.this chair is low to the ground by design. this allows an incredibly light and strong chair to come in a very small package (or zippered bag as it were). i do think an XL version with longer leg segments should be designed for those with bad knees. the shorter length does allow for a stronger frame (less chance of bending).what i love about this chair is it is very comfortable. this is important as i’m a reasonably big guy at 6’1″ and 205 lbs.i can stretch out while seated and not worry about breaking the chair, i can easily put on shoes or tend to chores while camping. the assembly is like a tent, but far easier. there are shock corded poles already assembled so they want to unfold back into shape, pulling the seat cover over requires a good amount of pull into the well designed reinforced corners, but that also gives structural rigidity when seated.the storage bag is well designed with lots of attachment points to a backpack, bag, bicycle, what have you. again, this is small and light, well under three pounds and can fit between a bike’s handlebars or on a hydration bag.super awesome for long mtn. bike rides or just (future) waiting in line for tickets.only minus is the price

  9. Film Fanatic

    The best camp or tailgating chair EVERI bought 2 of these chairs to use at an upcoming local event called Food Truck Friday. Basically, a bunch of gourmet food trucks line up in an old neighborhood and they sell artisan burgers, tacos, and similar food. People go from truck to truck getting food, then sit down in a nearby park and enjoy live music and any cold beverages they might’ve brought along. I was looking for chairs that would pack up small enough to go in a backpack (with a 6-pack of beer), would be lightweight, and would be sturdy enough to hold me (I weigh around 230 lbs). These chairs worked PERFECTLY.Pros:-Each chair folds up into a relatively small pouch (unlike the collapsing camp chairs that are still unwieldy to carry in their full length pouch).-The pouch has plenty of attachment points on it. I used the daisy chains on each one on to attach them to my bag, but I could’ve also threaded one of my pack straps through the loops at either end of the pouch-They are lightweight-They set up very fast-They are strong enough to handle up to 350 lbs (I didn’t have a problem in either chair, although I’m nowhere near their limit)-They are surprisingly comfortable-Should be useful for a number of applications: tailgating, outdoor concerts, camping/hiking, possibly the beach (the feet might sink too far in the sand, though).Cons:-No cupholder-They are short, so they do seat you lower to the ground-A table version has yet to be released (but may be available later this summer?)One more thing to mention: I bought these using overnight shipping option (+$3.99 if you’re a prime member) the THURSDAY night before the FRIDAY evening event. Amazon had these to me by lunch the next day. I was incredibly impressed by the shipping speed, but I wasn’t surprised; Amazon Prime shipping has saved my bacon before when I’ve needed last minute birthday presents, extra clothing/supplies for a trip, etc. If you do a lot of online shopping, you owe it to yourself to become an Amazon Prime member.

  10. Dan

    Great ChairThis product showed up, I tooked it out of the box, threw it in my backpack, and went camping. Talk about perfect timing.It performed great. It’s very comfortable for it’s size. Many camp chairs this small dont let you lean backward and relax your back.Packs up easy as well. This is a winner.

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Helinox Chair One Original Lightweight, Compact, Collapsible Camping Chair, Coyote Tan

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