KULA Cooler| Lightweight Cooler with Strong Insulation & HD Construction, 2.5 Gallon

KULA Cooler| Lightweight Cooler with Strong Insulation & HD Construction, 2.5 Gallon


Brand KULA
Material Stainless Steel, Plastic
Package Information Bucket
Capacity 2.5 Gallons
Special Feature Insulated
Included Components ONE (1) KULA 2.5 Cooler
Chamber Depth 16.75 Inches
Chamber Height 11 Inches
Chamber Width 11.75 Inches
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and holds ice till the cows come home – The KULA 2.5 is there when you’re in need of some cool.
  • Special Feature: attached tap!
  • Inner Dimensions: 9.5″ W × 9.125″ H
  • Outer Dimensions: 14.875″ W × 12.25″ H
  • Capacity: 2.5 Gallons



From the brand

Product Description

BOTE Story


Our lives have always been surrounded by water.

We first tried stand up paddling in late 2008 and loved the “idea”…but hated the product; both form and function. All of the boards we tried were the same thing but with a different name. They were all basically giant, unstable, surfboards. It was around that time that I looked at Magda and said, “We can make this better; we can make a board that stands apart.”

So…we left our successful careers (Magda was a financial advisor and I was a Mechanical Engineer) and started making our boats, or what we decided to call “BOTE”.

From business to product we live it every second of every day. We’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded with people and employees who share in our passion for the product. Because of that we’ve become a nationwide wide brand guided by our mission: “Stand Apart through industry-shaping innovation, fresh ideas and simplicity to create a product that defines a lifestyle.”

The BOTE Inflatable Product Lineup

aero breeze board

Zeppelin Kayak

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Hangout Suite

Our BOTE gurus have figured out how to transform outer layers of military-grade PVC into a rock-solid rigid platform with some crazy-cool internal technology. BOTE Inflatable products contain a core of composite drop-stitch fibers connected to the top and bottom layers of that nearly indestructible outer skin.


Whether you’re jetting off to explore a tropical paradise or hiking into the wild to find that perfectly serene fishing spot, products from BOTE make excellent travel companions.

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Why choose products with BOTE Aero Technology?

dock 7



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The internal chamber(s) are comprised of tens of thousands of composite fibers attached to both the top and bottom halves of the board. This drop-stitch technology makes these boards rock solid.


BOTE developed the industry-leading process of printing designs and textures to increase the aesthetics for our inflatable paddle boards. No more boring color blocks.


BOTE inflatable paddle boards feature a staggering array of innovative features found nowhere else on the market. Like our solid boards, you can outfit them the way you want, for the things you like to do.


Inflatable means it’s deflatable. Open the valve and wait 30 seconds and these boards can be rolled up and packed away in their own travel bag for easy storage and transport.

BOTE Best Sellers

KULA Cooler| Lightweight Cooler with Strong Insulation & HD Construction, 2.5 Gallon

Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 14 in
Package Weight

‎7.35 Kilograms

Brand Name



‎Stainless Steel, Plastic

Part Number



‎KULA 2.5 Original Cooler Seafoam

Included Components

‎ONE (1) KULA 2.5 Cooler



Date First Available

March 29, 2018



8 reviews for KULA Cooler| Lightweight Cooler with Strong Insulation & HD Construction, 2.5 Gallon

  1. Matthew

    The major feature of this product is also its major flawIt’s a little difficult to find an upscale, well made, aesthetic, durable product that also has a tap built in so one can make and dispense large batch mixed drinks. This product definitely checked all of those boxes AND is also a comfortable seat or stool to get something off the top of your van. HOWEVER this feature of the tap is quite disappointing, it takes a minute to fill a cup. If you open the lid to create airflow it speeds up, but is still VERY slow. I’d move this rating to 4 if Kula provides a better designed, faster flowing tap one can purchase to replace the current tap installed on these

  2. Wilcox

    Great CoolerI purchased this cooler specifically for my paddle board and was going to use it as a seat when I get tired of standing. The cooler was great and kept ice all day when paddling on the river. Unfortunately I returned it only because I tripped over the cooler backwards and it just didn’t work for me as an accessory because I’m a beginner paddler. However, for someone more experienced on paddle boards I highly recommend this cooler. Fits great with the Rac as well.

  3. Alicia M Beard

    Spout “tap” faces up instead of downWas excited for it to arrive but unfortunately they have a significant engineering defect. The spout (“tap” they are so proud of) will only tighten in the facing up position. If we were to use the spout in the correct facing down position it would leak. Just tried calling their customer service and the gentleman wanted me to jump thru a bunch of hoops before even having a conversation with me. Guess will have to return it via Amazon processes instead

  4. Amazon Customer

    Great over all with lots of pros but 1 big conGreat looking cooler/Jug. It looks very nice and feels like It is very sturdy. Temperature where I am at is around 100 degrees right now and It holds Ice for about 36 hours. The downside is the spigot. It looks nice but water flow is VERY slow even if you open the lid. Had to order a different spigot and hope it fits. Over all a good product just expect to purchase a new water tap

  5. Ray

    Kept ice for so long frozenWe were in the USVI and this ice bucket was on the sailboat and used for our drinks – I couldn’t get over how long the ice lasted. Got home and bought one for us! Love it.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Doesn’t hold ice but a couple of daysThere are better coolers on the market for less $. Product is well made.

  7. Yajaira Ramos

    Espectacular, todo en unoTal cual las descripciones, un producto garantizado, lo acabo de adquirir y estoy contenta.

  8. Ashelly M Cook

    High quality product!Wonderful product! Sturdy, high quality, functional and love the colors it comes in!

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KULA Cooler| Lightweight Cooler with Strong Insulation & HD Construction, 2.5 Gallon

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