Line Cutterz Patented Dual Hybrid Ceramic Cutter + Stainless Steel Micro Scissors Fishing Line Cutter

Line Cutterz Patented Dual Hybrid Ceramic Cutter + Stainless Steel Micro Scissors Fishing Line Cutter


  • Serrated stainless steel scissor blades cut close to knots
  • Steel clip allows for attaching to hat bills, belts, straps, etc…
  • Hook holder end for pulling knots tight doubles as a location for attaching lanyards, zingers, & keychains
  • Rust proof ceramic fixed blade Line Cutterz cutting slot cuts mono, fluoro, and braided fishing lines
  • Line Cutterz patented cutting slot easily and cleanly cuts up to 100 lb test braid



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Product Description

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Line Cutterz Dual Hybrid Micro Scissors

Line Cutterz introduces a dual hybrid fishing line cutter for safe and efficient cutting of all types of fishing line. The Micro Scissors host BOTH Line Cutterz double-sided patented ceramic fixed blade cutting slots and stainless steel serrated scissor action. Attach the Micro Scissors to hat bills, lanyards and retractors for quick and convenient fishing line cutting. The fixed blade cleanly cuts up to 100 pound test braid, monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing lines with ease. The scissor end is perfect for cutting off knots and trimming light lines close to the knot. Line Cutterz Micro Scissors mean no more fumbling around for knives or using your teeth. The Line Cutterz Micro Scissors are perfect for every type of fishing, freshwater or saltwater; they are even great for kayak and night fishing!

Dual Hybrid Micro Scissors Feature Hotspot

Line Cutterz Dual Hybrid Micro Scissors on white sand beach with seashells and ocean in background

Cuts Fishing Line

The conventional scissors style serrated steel blades are great for precise snipping of heavy fishing line. Line Cutterz’ patented ceramic fixed blade is perfect for cutting up to 100lb test braid, as well as monofilament, fluorocarbon, and copolymer.

Man with sunglasses wearing hat with Line Cutterz Dual Hybrid Micro Scissors attached to brim

Clip It

The steel belt clip makes it easy to keep you cutter handy. Clip it on your hat, belt, life jacket, etc… The eyelet on the tail end is great for pulling on hooks when tying knots, but it also functions as a mounting point for lanyards, key rings, carabiners, etc…

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Line Cutterz Patented Dual Hybrid Ceramic Cutter + Stainless Steel Micro Scissors Fishing Line Cutter

Additional information

Dimensions 3.35 × 1.3 in
Package Weight

‎0.04 Kilograms

Item Weight

‎0.8 Ounces

Brand Name

‎Line Cutterz




‎Stainless Steel

Number of Items








Date First Available

February 2, 2022


‎Line Cutterz, LLC.

8 reviews for Line Cutterz Patented Dual Hybrid Ceramic Cutter + Stainless Steel Micro Scissors Fishing Line Cutter

  1. Mike

    I really wanted to like this cutterA bunch of folks in my online boat group were raving about these cutters so I ordered one to give it a try.I was a little hesitant because the price is so much more than a cheap pair of nail cutters but what the heck, I like cool fishing gadgets and if they work half as well as they claim, I’ll be happy.It was originally scheduled for delivery on Monday so I was pretty happy when they delivered it early on Saturday since we were going out fishing on Sunday.When it arrived, I opened the package and put it in my tackle bag so I wouldn’t forget it.We got out on the lake on Sunday morning and once we got settled into our first spot we started fishing. It wasn’t long until my wife got hung up on a submerged log and it wasn’t coming loose….no problem, time to use my new line cutterz.Tried using the scissors first…….they won’t work…..they won’t budge, like there’s something keeping me from squeezing the black levers closed. OK, no problem, I’ll use the ceramic cutter. I slide the line into the notch and pull it…..nothing. I must be doing something wrong, slide the line into the notch again…still not cutting. I slide the line into the other side of the notch….nope, that doesn’t work either.I start looking closely at the ceramic cutter…..there’s nothing there…..just the plastic notch, no ceramic blade.I start looking at the black handles for the scissor and I see something white sticking out from the one side….it’s the ceramic blade……ugh…. so it appears during assembly, the ceramic blade wasn’t installed correctly and was trapped in the scissor mechanism, keeping the scissor from being able to be squeezed together.I tossed them back in my tackle bag and used my old nail clippers.After we got home and got unloaded I pulled the cutterz out along with my small screwdriver set.6 screws removed and as I suspected, the ceramic blade wasn’t installed correctly so I put it back where it was supposed to be, screwed everything back together and they seemed to work.The ceramic cutter worked great, I just slide some line into the notch and it cut through it like butter.The scissors are now working but they keep hanging up, they’re not releasing all the way. At first I thought I tightened the screws too much so I backed them off a bit….nope, still hanging/not opening fully. Almost like the tension spring for the scissors is getting stuck on something. Tried a little reel oil on the mechanism, still no luck. Possibly got damaged from the ceramic cutter being wedged in there, not sure.I’ll keep them on the boat to use as a backup since the ceramic cutter works well.Kind of pricey compared to my nail clippers.I’ve seen similar products on Amazon and plan on giving them a try as they’re lower priced and seemed to have a ton of positive reviews.

  2. barry

    Bypass trimmersThe best part is the ceramic blades. But I need to be able to remove snell knots from hooks and the bypass blades don’t cut at the tip. Works fine if you are just making rigs. The pair I received did not slide to hide the blades very easily, which I saw some others mentioned. For the price, I expected better. I went back to buying dollar snippers and replacing them yearly.

  3. Brad wojcik

    Easy to useI think every tackle box needs one it’s a great product and comes in handy always with me when I’m fishing fresh or salt water cuts braid with no effort

  4. Gia Caruso

    Awesome product!Bought this for my son to use fishing, he’s always getting lines caught. These cutters are lightweight and easy to clip on to any garment or hat to keep at hands reach. He takes it everywhere now. Planning on buying more for gifts!

  5. ivan

    Awesome product!This thing is awesome, I got one for me and a buddy. We’ve been using line cutterz products ever since we bumped in to them at the Houston fishing show a few years ago. We have their stick on line cutters all over the boat and we also have some hanging on lanyards, great product for the price and I will surely keep coming back for more.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Best cutters madeI’ve probably had 50 snippers in my life and none of them cut as good as these. These are great for braid and all other types of line. Not only are they the best cutters made, I support small Texas businesses.

  7. Matt h.

    Fully satisfiedBest line clippers I’ve ever own the little blades are awesome for cutting heavy braid

  8. Travis Kopecky

    AmazingGreat cutter cuts braid nicely

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Line Cutterz Patented Dual Hybrid Ceramic Cutter + Stainless Steel Micro Scissors Fishing Line Cutter

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