Motor Clamp Spacers (black)

Motor Clamp Spacers (black)




Our Motor Clamps Spacers are made out of round cut UHMW making our spacers very strong. Instead of using a piece of wood, use our Motor Clamp Spacer to make your skiff looks even better! Comes with 2, one inch round pucks.

Motor Clamp Spacers (black)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in

20 reviews for Motor Clamp Spacers (black)

  1. Douglas G. (verified owner)

    Top quality hardware.

  2. david crawford (verified owner)

    Seated well.

  3. Gavin J. (verified owner)

    Looks great and fits just perfect.

  4. Nick (verified owner)

    Glad I got them

  5. Trey L. (verified owner)

    Works good

  6. William Blair (verified owner)

    Almost a must

  7. Colin Mason (verified owner)

    Arrived as pictured

  8. Hunter Johnson (verified owner)

    They are good but could benefit to offer the thin spacers and larger spacers for better selection. Howerever they still work great once tightened down

  9. Joshua (verified owner)

    They’ll work!

  10. jason baldridge (verified owner)

    Perfect spacers!

  11. Douglas C. (verified owner)

    Wish they came in 1 piece instead of 2piece but still good

  12. Jarrod Sumner (verified owner)

    Easy to install

  13. Clayton H. (verified owner)

    These spacer are the way to go.

  14. Christopher Macasa (verified owner)

    Glad I purchased!!

  15. George (verified owner)


  16. Thomas Roberts (verified owner)

    Outstanding service highly recommend.

    Image #1 from Thomas Roberts
    Image #2 from Thomas Roberts
  17. Gary S. Robison (verified owner)

    Why make your own “motor clamp spacers” ? On the fly offers you these beautifully made motor clamp spacers at a good price. They work!

    Image #1 from Gary S. Robison
    Image #2 from Gary S. Robison
  18. nathan laskiewicz (verified owner)


  19. David Franklin (verified owner)

    Definitely a must have for a clean look with the on the fly jack plate.

    Image #1 from David Franklin
    Image #2 from David Franklin
  20. Christopher G. (verified owner)

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Motor Clamp Spacers (black)

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