Perfect Boat Trash Can or Bait Bucket – Original, Black Mesh 5 Gallon Bucket Topper!

Perfect Boat Trash Can or Bait Bucket – Original, Black Mesh 5 Gallon Bucket Topper!


  • ⛵ KEEP TRASH IN THE BUCKET – Use our mesh trash can topper to prevent light plastics, paper, and others from being blown out of the can. Be a responsible boater and help keep our waterways clean!
  • ⛵ UNIQUE & CONVENIENT TRASH DISPOSAL – Looking for unique boat accessories? Our topper is one-of-a-kind! It comes with an opening to allow for easy disposal of your garbage. No more fumbling with lids!
  • ⛵ USE ANYWHERE IT’S NEEDED – Our trash can covers aren’t just for boats. It’s a great accessory that can be used in construction sites, truck beds, and just about anywhere you need a garbage bin!
  • ⛵ FITS MOST TRASH CANS & BUCKETS – Don’t have a dedicated trash bin on your boat? Don’t worry! Our mesh trash can cover fits 5-gallon buckets. Turn any bucket into a handy trash can in seconds!
  • ⛵ WE CARE FOR OUR WATERS – We donate a portion of every sale to coastal conservation efforts. It’s our way of helping ensure that our waterways will still be around for the future generations to enjoy!


Looking for a more convenient way of keeping your boat’s trash can covered?

Let’s be honest. It can be quite bothersome having to lift the lid and then putting it back properly every time you need to throw something into the trash can. Step open trash cans are nice, until they break and lose their convenience factor (the very reason why you bought them in the first place).

Fortunately, there’s a pretty handy solution available. It’s an easy way to keep your trash can covered while still being able to use it without the hassle of fumbling with a lid.

Enjoy a hassle-free way of disposing your garbage with the Thrasher Lures Boat Trash Can Topper.

Garbage in the water has always been one of the biggest problems for boaters. It’s pretty common to hear stories of intake valves clogged by plastic bags or propellers strangled by discarded fishing lines. Not to mention the harm it causes to fish, birds, and other animals that live in or near the waters.

A certain portion of this garbage comes from boats, usually blown away from their trash cans as they cruise along the waters. Here, our trash can topper can be of immense help. Designed for a universal fit, our mesh cover can turn any 5-gallon bucket into a reliable garbage bin!

Aside from keeping plastics, papers, and other wastes in the trash can, it makes it easier for people to dispose of their garbage. This in turn encourages them to be more cognizant about where they put their trash, as well as take ownership of their role in helping to keep our waterways clean.

Still not convinced? Here are more features of our trach can topper to help you decide:

✅ Durable black mesh material
✅ Reusable and easy to clean
✅ Made in USA

Make garbage storage and disposal in your boat more convenient. Add the Thrasher Lures Boat Trash Can Topper to your cart TODAY!

Perfect Boat Trash Can or Bait Bucket – Original, Black Mesh 5 Gallon Bucket Topper!

Additional information

Dimensions 4.17 × 2.09 in
Package Weight

‎0.07 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎7 x 4 x 1.8 inches

Brand Name

‎Thrasher Lures




‎5 gallon



Date First Available

October 31, 2019


Thrasher Lures

10 reviews for Perfect Boat Trash Can or Bait Bucket – Original, Black Mesh 5 Gallon Bucket Topper!

  1. B

    Almost CoolThis was cool while it lasted. A but tough to get on the bucket but once it’s it’s on. Great for trash on the boat. However, the thing fell apart within 2 months. Went back to using my bucket for trash with no lid and it worked just fine.

  2. Riley Wilkins

    It does not stay on the bucket wellPerhaps making it a tad bigger in circumference so you can pop it over the first lip on the outer edge to better hold the topper in place. This pops off at the slightest resistance and does not stay on well at all

  3. Steven Pack

    WorksWorks great

  4. Tina Proctor

    Perfect trash can for the boat!This product makes a bucked the perfect boat trash can!

  5. Jordan

    Solid Bucket lid for bait or trashThis thing is great for keeping bait or trash in place while accelerating.

  6. Clint V

    Not just for trash…Works exactly as advertised for a trash can lid, keeps empty lunch bags, cans, and discarded monofilament from blowing around the boat.But……the best use is as a bait bucket cover. Drop a portable aerator in your bucket and just reach through the slot to grab a fresh shrimp. No more leaving the lid open and chasing escaped shrimp around the deck.On a side note, mine arrived and was marked “Yeti” instead of Thrasher. Clashes with my Engel coolers, but I can live with it.

  7. Kipdog

    Nice coverHave not tried as of 4-26-22, not boating season yet but fits yeti bucket nice

  8. Kansas MoM

    Works great!This works great on our boat! Kept the boat clean, everything stayed in the 5 gallon bucket, no trash blowing around! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that it is a little hard to put on by yourself especially if you have arthritis in your hands.

  9. Amy E. Ellington

    Great fitFit a regular 5 gallon bucket perfectly. No more lost trash.

  10. Decatur

    AwesomeMakes for one cool trash can on your boat when paired with a yeti bucket. Very secure, it’s actually kinda hard to stretch it on to the bucket but that’s not an issue for me – I’d rather it be tight than loose at high speeds on the water. Great product high quality.

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Perfect Boat Trash Can or Bait Bucket – Original, Black Mesh 5 Gallon Bucket Topper!

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