Superstick Push Pole Telescopic 6-12, Black

Superstick Push Pole Telescopic 6-12, Black


  • Ultralight Super strong patented push pole with telescopic design allows the push pole to extend and lock in place between 6ft to 12ft weight including duck foot is only 3.25 lbs
  • Non-slip textured 1.25 inch outer pole with permanent spike tip (inner and outer poles Do not come apart)
  • Removable duck foot with Lure/decoy retriever allows either SuperStick push pole to transform into a Paddle, gig, boat hook, net, boat brush and many other 3/4 inch attachments (Compatible with many other companies 3/4 inch attachments)
  • Universal gig attachment included- conical and industrial threaded (gig not included)
  • Also includes spike tip end cover and durable storage clips


The patented Super Stick telescopic fiberglass push pole provides ample versatility for your boat. Customize its length with the flip of a lever and lock in place between 6ft to 12ft. Retract it for easy storing or to use as a shallow water anchor pin. Ultralight at 5 lbs. and super strong. Non-slip 1. 25 inch textured outer pole. (Inner and outer poles do not come apart. ) removable Duck foot (with lure/decoy Retriever) allows either Super Stick push pole to transform into a paddle, gig, boat hook, landing net, fish tagger, boat brush and many other attachments. (Compatible with many other companies 3/4 inch attachments. ) package includes: telescoping push pole, Duck foot, Universal gig attachment (conical & industrial threaded), durable storage clips, end cover (covers permanent spike tip).

Superstick Push Pole Telescopic 6-12, Black

Additional information

Dimensions 9.76 × 3.23 in
Package Weight

‎3.72 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎75 x 10 x 3 inches

Item Weight

‎3.25 Pounds

Brand Name


Warranty Description

‎1 Year

Model Name

‎6-12 Push Pole





Suggested Users


Part Number

‎6-12 KIT

Model Year


Included Components

‎Push Pole^Duck Foot^Universal Attachment^Storage clips (2)^End Cover



Fishing Technique

‎Shallow Water Poling and Anchoring



Date First Available

January 5, 2016



8 reviews for Superstick Push Pole Telescopic 6-12, Black

  1. Shane S.

    Swiss Army Knife of Push Poles!!!I bought my superstick over a year ago and it’s not only held up really well in South Florida Conditions, but has become my go to, tool out on the water. I’d compare it as the Swiss Army knife ofPush Pole’s/Swallow water anchor pin’s. It has all sorts of attachments you can buy for different application’s. “Paddle/Gator Foot/Duck Foot/Flounder Gig. Etc” The extension from 6ft to 12ft is awesome feature and feels strong & sturdy. Yes, it’s a lil pricey but it’s versatilely and craftsmen ship is what your paying for. I believe it’s made in the USA as well, and not CHINA so of course it’s going to cost a bit more!!! I bought the paddle attachment for it and use it to get around in the canals especially if I don’t have my trolling motor going or if I just want to be more stealthy while fishing. I also use the duck foot to push pole me around in the shallow water flats for sight fishing and the spike tip on the other end to anchor pin up at the sand bar. The only issue I have with the Superstick is that it doesn’t float and I can’t find a anchor pin mount that fits the pole diameter, so I can use it mounted to the bow of my skiff.All in all though, I definitely recommend the Superstick and couldn’t see myself boating without it…

  2. Gewisse

    Good Pole But Duckbill End Not Useful in Muck, revised review with new attachmentsSince I wrote the review below in the fall of 2019, Superstick has added a paddle attachment that was no longer available last year, and they have added a new “gator foot”, which is an attachment for muck, a more traditional, collapsing and expanding “duck foot” that northern hunters are familiar with than the narrower duck foot that comes with the pole. Both of these attachments have made the pole a very versatile and necessary item in my duck hunting boat.I like this push pole, but . . . The pole seems very strong and durable. It extends and collapses nicely and has withstood lots of pressure. The pointed end also works well as an anchor. I have used the pole on several occasions duck hunting this fall. I like the decoy hook on the duckbill, though it would be more useful if it would lock open. It keeps flopping shut when in use. I would give it a much higher rating if it was possible to get alternate heads for the push pole. The “duckbill” that it comes with works fine if you are pushing off a solid bottom, cattails, or timber, but it is not usable in the muck bottom common to duck sloughs and lakes. It sinks in too far and then is very hard to extract. The traditional duckbill ends are typically a collapsible and expandable duckbill conformation, and a much wider profile than the fixed narrow profile of the Superstick duckbill. The pole is also too small diameter to fit most other duckbill attachment models, and the “universal” fitting is screw-type that only seems to work with broom-handle-type poles, nothing I have seen for this purpose. Superstick used to sell a paddle that fit this pole, but no longer does. The lack of the true duckbill attachment and a paddle limits the usefulness of this important tool for my current hunting outings and future fishing outings.

  3. Alex Kossowsky

    Amazing.Best push pole I have used. Build quality is top notch and it is a major difference maker in mobility when compared to other cheap sheet metal ones out there. If you’re thinking about getting one, don’t hesitate. You won’t be disappointed!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Did not come with attachments – UPDATEVery frustrated at the moment! This push pole is superstick’s flagship product, and my pole just came in without any of the included accessories. This is very disappointing, as we were looking forward to using it on the water this weekend. I’ll have to contact superstick and will provide an updated review afterwards.Edit: After contacting superstick, I spoke with Brad, the CEO, and we discussed the situation. He mentioned that they’ve run into this a few times already and asked me to look at the packaging the pole came in. I noticed two types of tape on the packaging and it was determined that the product was ordered, had the attachments pulled out, and returned back to Amazon to be resold. He apologized for the inconvenience and shipped me the attachments. I’ve used this pole a few times so far, and it works as advertised. It’s helped me maneuver my 21′ boat through roughly a foot of water and sight cast some slot reds. The telescoping aspect to it is why I bought it, and it really is awesome! When not in use, I put it in the fishing rod holder on the boat and move on. I’ve had zero issues with the pole. Great product and customer service from superstick!

  5. Crimson Cranium

    Good Push Pole/Stick AnchorA little pricey, but a really good product. Strong enough to pole or anchor my skiff, but light and compact enough to take on my kayak. One suggestion: use about an 8-inch length of pool noodle on it. I don’t care what the manufacturer says, I learned the hard way that this thing does not float. My current Superstick is not my first…

  6. L Cross

    great pole, universal piece was disappointingthe pole works great but the universal attachment piece had defective threads so i had to modify it to get it to work while on the water. now it it can’t be used for other purposes which sucks cause i have a gig on order and nothing i can attach it to.

  7. Steve B

    Outstanding!!!Purchased for my bass boat. I use in very shallow water on the river for fishing and waterfowl hunting where I would normally get hung up. Very sturdy and versatile with the 6’ extension and the attachments. Highly recommend!

  8. Seasoned fisherman

    Low qualityPointed tip has already fallen off within just a few uses.its very hard to adjust it somehow gets a wierd air pressure built up inside it making it hard to adjust.also u can’t set it at any different ft range besides 6ft and 12ft because any other setting it just wants to collapse on itself. The lock to keep it in place is made of plastic and doesn’t do a very good job at actually keep it locked.this is just a very over priced stick….just get a straight wooden branch and it will do more than this can.

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Superstick Push Pole Telescopic 6-12, Black

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