Toadfish Anchor Non-tipping Universal Cup Holder-Graphite

Toadfish Anchor Non-tipping Universal Cup Holder-Graphite


Color Graphite
Material Stainless,Rubber,Steel
Brand Toadfish
  • Patented uni-directional suction design makes it hard to tip, but easy to lift
  • Securely fits all popular 16 to 32 ounce tumbler cup brands and most insulated water canteens
  • Stainless steel walls with a durable rubber interior
  • This portable cup holder will keep your drink from getting knocked over in almost any situation
  • To remove, simply lift straight up


Product Description

The Anchor Cup Holder
The Anchor Cup Holder
The Anchor Cup Holder
The Anchor Cup Holder
The Anchor Cup Holder
The Anchor Cup Holder
The Anchor Cup Holder
Toadfish Anchor Non-tipping Universal Cup Holder-Graphite

Additional information

Weight 7.8 lbs
Dimensions 5.04 × 4.17 × 3.86 in
Package Dimensions

5.04 x 4.17 x 3.86 inches

Item Weight

7.8 ounces



Date First Available

February 22, 2021



10 reviews for Toadfish Anchor Non-tipping Universal Cup Holder-Graphite

  1. Caroline Vitanza

    Works with Stanley tumblers…mostly I bought this because my Stanley cup is super tall and easy for my cat to knock off of my bedside table in the night. This definitely solves that problem! It takes a good bit of force for him to physically knock it off now.I do wish that the diameter was just a SMIDGE wider. My Stanley does technically fit in the cup holder, but it’s pretty snug. If I have to pick it up to drink, it’s easier to just lift the whole cup with the holder still on it up off the table. To get the cup out of the holder, you have to either hold onto it while you lift the cup out or sort of twist your cup while you press it into to the side of the holder. So it’s definitely not the most functional when it comes to a Stanley cup, but it will still prevent it from getting knocked over, which was my main goal.All in all, if you have a Stanley tumbler and need something like this just for daily use like myself, it’s a nice solution. If you need it to use in something like a moving vehicle or on a tilted surface, it won’t work with a Stanley. But if you’re just using it with a standard bottle of water or a beer can, it’s a great choice for wherever you need to use it!

  2. Becky S.

    Skeptical until I tried it.We have a boat and my husband make the cup holders into a tool holder so we needed a cup holder. With no flat surfaces where we wanted it, I was hoping this would work. It does! We have even forgotten to remove it before flying down the lake and it stayed in place. I would recommend these to everyone. But buy them on Amazon. Too expensive elsewhere.

  3. June23

    AmazingI really like it. The surface does need to be smooth and clean. One review said you can’t use it on a wood desk but I have a wood table that it works on. I think it just has to be smooth.

  4. Mario Brioli

    Stays put and suctioned going down the roadBought this for our RV and my son to use while rolling down the road. Did a fantastic job keep his drinks from getting bounced all over. Didn’t have one unexpected spill the entire 1500 mile trip!

  5. Timothy Fellman

    Holds well to most flat surfaces.It will hold a tall glass well. It doesn’t hold traditional cups or mugs.

  6. susie love

    This thing is very useful!I drive a school bus and there is no cupholder. I drive a rural route- mostly gravel very bumpy roads. I set my water bottle in the toadfish right on the dash- it’s fallen over one time- when I hit a very deep pothole. Kinda miraculous how well this works?

  7. Lauren Gause

    Love this!This is a fantastic product. Great for boaters! Will not spill.

  8. JRock

    It’s misleading that a Yeti “fits”We bought two of these for our kayak. Yes, the suction cup part is cool, and it works. We were especially excited to find a cupholder that would supposedly fit our 20oz Yeti’s. BUT (as other reviewers have mentioned) it’s a very tight fit because of the rubber nubs inside and every time we try to pick up the Yeti, the cupholder detaches from the kayak and stays with the Yeti. So we have to wipe off the bottom to get it to stick down properly again. Kind of annoying. Also a bummer is the sticky residue that’s left after removing the label. We tried to scrub it with soap, loosen it with oil, but nope..the sticky stuff doesn’t come off.

  9. Mick Ward

    Seem great so farGot them for my center console on my boat, seem great so far

  10. Mandy

    They sinkSeemed to be working great on our paddle boards until the board tipped and the cup holder immediately came off. Also they sink so now they are both at the bottom of the lake. Would have liked to use more than once but no. Gone. Bad design should probably float.

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Toadfish Anchor Non-tipping Universal Cup Holder-Graphite

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