YETI Panga Series Airtight, Waterproof, Submersible Bags

YETI Panga Series Airtight, Waterproof, Submersible Bags


  • Zipper closure
  • A 100% dry duffel. But definitely not a cooler. Hydrolok zipper makes sure water stays out so your gear stays bone-dry, no matter how torrential it gets.
  • U-dock the terminal end of your hydrolok zipper that ensures a completely airtight seal
  • Thickskin shell made of high-density nylon and thick tpu lamination to be puncture- and abrasion-resistant
  • Dryhaul straps in the hands or on the back, they’re as durable as they are comfortable
  • Metallock hardware this hardware can take on smacks and whacks without breaking


With our Panga dry bags, you’re prepared with an ultra-durable storage bag, gear fortress, or just as your go-to duffel for off-the-grid adventures. Our fully-submersible duffel offers zero access points for rogue wetness and its rugged design —complete with a waterproof landing pad, laminated, high-density nylon, and a HydroLok Zipper—withstands getting dunked and dragged while keeping mud and water out and everything you’ve packed inside 100% dry. Please note: this product is not a cooler.

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YETI Panga Series Airtight, Waterproof, Submersible Bags

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‎ August 11, 2017


‎ B074QSLHZ7



9 reviews for YETI Panga Series Airtight, Waterproof, Submersible Bags

  1. Nick Kesler

    Very durableGreat! Great Quality Product! Well worth the money!

  2. Bob

    Kayak Sunk in pre-Hurricane Sally with $10,000 camera setA couple days before Hurricane Sally made land fall, the waters in the northern Gulf Coast were beginning to churn, yet still navigable for a well experienced kayaker (so I thought). As such, I made my way through various swamps and bays taking photos (with a $10,000+ professional photography set) of nature (eagles, osprey, pelicans, alligators, fish, dolphins, etc.) attempting to document how their behavior was beginning to change, with the incoming hurricane. It was an amazing day regarding capturing the wildlife on film, as they were more worried about the impending storm, rather than my presence, allowing the capture of some amazing shots.While I was out for that day trip, the storm had inched in a little closer and an outer band passed over, while I was in the middle of a fairly large bay. It came up so quickly that there was no making it to shore. I was in a “sit-inside-of” kayak, without a skirt/apron on it. The water went from glassy calm to 3-5 ft waves within 15 minutes. Within 30 minutes my kayak had taken on wave after wave. There was no avoiding it. The kayak was going to sink. I remember the last few strokes, as I pushed myself out of the sinking craft.There was a surreal ‘Titanic-moment’, as it went nose-up and slipped under the crashing waves of the turbulent water. As I watched the kayak leave me, several waves crashed over me, waking me from the trance. My Marine Corps instincts kicked in, and while I was in a situation that many people would have drowned in, fortunately, I was able to swim about a mile to a bridge that crosses over the bay, and climb up the embankment from there. The most dangerous part of the journey was the walk home along the major highway. But that is not the point of this product review.The point of the product review is to share with you that as I saw the storm clouds approaching and the waves begin to kick-up, I secured my professional camera gear in this waterproof Yeti backpack. As the kayak sunk, I positioned the Yeti such that I could easily disembark they kayak with it in-hand. Throughout the life threatening swim to shore, I towed the Yeti with my gear secured inside along with today’s once in a lifetime shots, back to shore, occasionally leaning on it for a quick breather, in the midst of the radically wild crashing waves.Once I made it back to the safety of my home a few hours after going in the drink, I opened the Yeti, expecting to find ruined saturated gear – for even a Yeti could not hold up to what I had just experienced. I could not believe my eyes as I lifted my camera out of the bag. It was bone dry, as was everything inside the Yeti, even the small delicate lens cleaning cloths. It capped the end of a life threatening moment. The relief was so great to see that the Yeti saved the priceless pictures was such that I wept. A big burley salty crusty old man. . . wept.The Yeti backpack is not the most comfortable mountain backpack. If you want something to walk with for two or three miles down the beach, lake, or mountain trails, it is fine. It does not have the most organized inner partitioned space inside. It is not the biggest pack on the market.However if you need a backpack that will keep your most valuable priceless possessions dry, and even help save your life while it acts as an impromptu life preserver, then this pack is for you. If you are ok with your gear getting wet, then you could settle for something else. But if you are going into tough climates and environments with important gear, I highly, unhesitatingly recommend, without reservation, this Yeti product.

  3. S C

    You get what you pay forThis is my 3rd Yeti bag I’ve bought and probably not my last. I keep buying yeti bag because of the quality and the warranty. I had an issue with one of my other bags zipper and I emailed yeti within 2 weeks I had a replacement to my front door.

  4. Luis colunga

    Great backpack but I need the registration formsI received the backpack and I didn’t get any of the registration paperwork now I can’t register it with yeti.

  5. James

    AwesomeLove this

  6. Mr. Cheetodust

    This is the bagWaterproof, tough, comfortable and expensive. That’s it’s nothing more nothing less. I have two of these and they go everywhere with me.


    greatest backpack ever Greatest backpack ever, but for god’s sake, YETI! Do something about the lack of organization inside the bag, you did a great job with everything else.Had to buy mesh pouches to place inside and organize food, snacks and electronics.It was a disaster looking for stuff in the middle of the river after Huge jumps.Still the best backpack ever 👊🏻YETI – long live the king… of the outdoors ✅

  8. Carson Ciavardone

    Great waterproof backpackGreat product!

  9. Sherwin ho

    amazingI loved this bag! it was just very hard to get items in this bag because of the small opening… otherwise this thing is built like a tank

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YETI Panga Series Airtight, Waterproof, Submersible Bags

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