YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler


Brand YETI
Color A2 Desert Tan
Material Cotton
Capacity 45 Quarts
Item Dimensions LxWxH 25.5 x 16 x 15.5 inches
Item Weight 24 Pounds
Included Components YETI Tundra 45 Cooler (Desert Tan)
Model Name YT45T
Insulation Material Polyurethane Foam
Chamber Depth 18.37 Inches
  • The YETI Tundra 45 combines versatility with durability with a capacity of up to 26 cans with a recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio
  • Ice stays ice thanks to up to 3 inches of PermaFrost Insulation and an extra thick FatWall design is certified Bear-Resistant
  • The Rotomolded Construction makes the Tundra armored to the core and virtually indestructible so wherever you decide to take it, this portable cooler’s sturdy construction will stand up to the rigors of the journey
  • All Tundra coolers feature T-Rex Lid Latches constructed of heavy-duty rubber so you’ll never see another busted latch and has patented keeper technology
  • The Tundra 45 dimensions are 25 1/2 in long x 16 in wide x 15 ½ in high with an empty weight of 23 lbs NOTE: All Tundra models come standard with one dry goods basket.


From the brand

Product Description

YETI Tundra the best cooler in the world


YETI Hard Coolers are over-engineered to outperform and sized for all adventures. The new-and-improved Roadie 24 Hard Cooler is ideal for a road trip, the YETI V Series Stainless Steel Cooler stands apart in its ground-breaking thermal performance, and if you’re looking for our legendary, nearly unbreakable cooler, look no further than the Tundra line. Every one of our hard coolers can handle the paces of a rugged life in the wild and still keep ice for days.




Extra-thick walls hold up to two inches of insulation for unmatched ice retention.


Pressure-injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam in the walls and lid makes sure your ice stays ice.


Makes it armored to the core and virtually indestructible.

tundra collage
Yeti Tundra Family
YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 15.5 in



‎A2 Desert Tan




‎45 Quarts

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎25.5 x 16 x 15.5 inches

Item Weight

‎24 Pounds

Included Components

‎YETI Tundra 45 Cooler (Desert Tan)

Model Name


Insulation Material

‎Polyurethane Foam

Chamber Depth

‎18.37 Inches

Chamber Height

‎9.87 Inches

Chamber Width

‎9.5 Inches

Package Weight

‎12.29 Kilograms

Brand Name


Country of Origin

‎United States

Warranty Description

‎As listed

Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number



‎45 quart



Date First Available

April 15, 2011



8 reviews for YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

  1. April

    Holds iceHeavier than expected. Has been holding ice for roughly 4 days but it is winter here so it may change during the summer not sure. Will update in a few months

  2. fightingterp

    always wanted a yetiseems nice and sturdy

  3. J. Kennedy

    Yeti hooked me!I finally broke down and bought a Yeti. I stressed more than I should about what size and turns out, the 45 is perfect. A cousin has several, some kept in the back of trucks (feed trucks, fuel trucks etc.) and they’re indestructible but he admitted the 65 he has on one is way too big and regrets not getting the 45.In the past I’ve had Coleman Extreme’s which I thought were awesome. They’re several years old now and just don’t seem to keep cold like they did, and may have slightly changed shape so they don’t close tight like they did.My wife came in and saw this and freaked. It was worth it though. First time using it, opening weekend, I first put a little (1 bag) ice and cold drinks etc. in it on Thursday, after having it inside and with a 1 gallon jug of ice to pre-chill overnight. I didn’t fill it with ice until Friday evening and kept the Yeti in the back of my Excursion, which got somewhat warm as it warmed up for the weekend.Fast forward to the next Wednesday, 4+ days later, all water of course with a few cold beverages still left. I checked the temp of the water and it was still 39*. I cleared it out and the next day I dumped the water and dried it to put up. The water had jumped up about 15*.That’s way beyond what I expected, especially it not being left closed, but being opened and closed all week.Are they expensive? Yes and no. Yes, they’re a lot more than Coleman, or Igloo etc. But performance is light-years ahead. As far as build quality comparison, again, no comparison. The Yeti is build like a tank, and every tolerance is tight and functional.So in the long run, they’re I don’t think they’re expensive at all. They’re a great value and I can believe, Bear proof, and ranch trucks bed bouncing proof. You’ll make up the cost difference in the cost of ice you’ll recoup!FYI, I had no idea, but Yeti recommends using rock salt as an alternative to keeping ice even colder. Or dry ice, although I’d be afraid I’d stick my hand in there! Other than being careful where you dump salty water when done, I think the extreme cold, slightly slushy beer thing might be worth a shot!I’m a believer!!

  4. Mario Lewis

    Top of the line coolerIt’s nothing bad you can write about yeti products besides there price but overall yeti products gets a 10/10 from me this is my second cooler getting from Amazon

  5. Roland Wooster

    Ice for 60 hours, even with temps at 110F – wow.I deep froze some ice “slabs” using a 9″x13″ baking dish and also a bread pan, this gave me a 2″+ thick layer of -20F ice at the bottom. I then threw in a bunch of drinks and food from the fridge, which had all been chilled, but not frozen. I then forgot to fill in the remaining gaps with ice, so that was a missed opportunity – next time!We went camping in a crazy heat wave, the other three families we were going with bailed when they saw the weather forecast, daytime temperatures in Yosemite managed to hit over 110F each day, and night time temperature, even by 11pm was still 80F. The Yeti stayed in the NPS bear box at the campground in direct sunlight for much of the day – the metal bear box in the sunlight was so hot it would burn your skin by 10am!But the Yeti was amazing, we had ice for at least 60 hours, and it was still very cold water at 72hours. Had I tried this with my old cooler I doubt the ice would have made it even 24 hours.

  6. Jennifer

    Perfect size and durability!Bought this for son who is a fishing guide to keep on his boat for clients drinks and lunches. It is the perfect size and seals nicely and keeps thing cold!

  7. Shirley D. Hoffman

    Great ValueBrought during Prime Days for an early Christmas present for my Grandson and they love it.

  8. paul m

    Way too expensiveI bought this cooler because I have an off cabin in New Hampshire, and I need to keep my food cold for a week at a time. I followed all of the instructions that came with the cooler, and placed a digital thermostat inside. This cooler could barely maintain temps cooler than 55 degrees, which is no better than a cooler that I bought at Wal Mart for ten dollars. It is rugged and sturdy, there is no question about that, but I don’t intend to throw it off a bridge, and that’s not really why I bought it. I bought it so I wouldn’t be running to my neighbors house every two days to freeze ice packs. Any cooler that you put 20 soda cans and 22 pounds of ice into is going to perform well.All in all, I’d say I paid 315.00 too much for this cooler.

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YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

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