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Advantages of On The Fly Jack Plates


Our patent has allowed us to create the fastest manual jack plate in the world, blowing our competitors out of the water.

Quick Adjustments

Adjust the motor while on the water in just 10 seconds with no bolts to loosen for adjustment or any batteries needed to operate.

Smooth Running

Gives boaters the ability to keep their propeller above most rocks, stumps, mud, and sand in shallow water keeping your propeller like new.

Superior Quality

Made from non-corrosive metals from stainless, aluminum (T-6061), and brass, allowing our jack to last a long time in harsh environments.

Meet john Wood - the inventor & President

Our mission is to instill confidence in our customers as they effortlessly navigate with our On The Fly Jack Plate. With a simple turn of a handle or click of a button, we aim to make them feel unstoppable in reaching their fishing or duck hunting destinations. Our goal is to empower them to fearlessly explore new and unexplored areas.