NEW FEATURE! Standard Manual Jack Plate (up to 30hp without trim and tilt and standard BIA bolt pattern)

NEW FEATURE! Standard Manual Jack Plate (up to 30hp without trim and tilt and standard BIA bolt pattern)


NEW FEATURE LAUNCH! Be the first to shop our new drop and order today! The upgraded Manual Jack features a higher gear ratio for effortless motor lifting.  

0-30hp Jack Plate (does not fit on 25-30hp motors with factory electric trim and tilt)  150 pound weight limit





On The Fly Jack Plates are the fastest manual jack plates on the market. Our jack plates can be raised and lowered by a manual handle while on the water within seconds from top to bottom. The biggest benefit of our jack plate is TIME because every second counts out on the water! Cut your time adjusting your manual jack plate from 20 minutes to just seconds!

• Approved for up to 30hp motors (for motors without factory trim and tilt)
• Our custom manual jack mounts inside the jack plate housing
• 3 year warranty on the jack plate housing
• 1 year warranty on the jack
• Pre-drilled for transom mounting
• Jack plate housing made in the USA

WEIGHT: 23lbs

• Height – 10 1/2”
• Width (Transom Side) – 12 ½”
• Width (Motor Side) – 13 ¼”
• Set Back – 5” (total length from from of transom side to the back of the motor slide)
• Motor Plate Height – 12 ½”
• Motor Mounting Plate (Inside Brackets) – 10 ¾”

MAX RISE (travel): 5 1/2 inches of travel. Plus, depending on where you mount the jack you can get up to 7 3/4 inches of rise.

ACCESSORIES NOT INCLUDED: Transom mounting accessories are not included in purchase. On The Fly Jack Plates recommends
• 4 each ½”- 3 1/2” long bolts – stainless steel
• 4 each ½”- lock nuts – stainless steel
• 8 each 1/2’”-flat washers – stainless steel
• Motor Clamp Spacers


NEW FEATURE! Standard Manual Jack Plate (up to 30hp without trim and tilt and standard BIA bolt pattern)

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 6 in

42 reviews for NEW FEATURE! Standard Manual Jack Plate (up to 30hp without trim and tilt and standard BIA bolt pattern)

  1. Derek Dear (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Will definitely help when duck season comes around

    Image #1 from Derek Dear
  2. Kevin Seimetz (verified owner)

    Great jackplate. I mounted it on a 1542 topper with a 25 hp Yamaha 4 stroke and I gained about 5 mph. Also very easy to install with a couple clamps or another set of hands. The amount of vertical travel is also a plus as it allows me to pull my longshaft motor higher than other jackplates would allow.

  3. Joshua J. (verified owner)

    A little pricey but a great addition to the boat

  4. Caleb Lord (verified owner)

    The jack plate was super easy to install. It’s performance exceeds my expectations. I have a 15×40 aluminum boat and can run wide open in less than a foot of water! I highly recommend this product!

  5. Conner Cronk

    This product has completely transformed my gheenoe. I can now get in and out of my home creek without pulling out the push pole regardless of tide, and the performance increase while running is highly noticeable. John has been great through the whole process as well. 10/10 do recommend

  6. Myles Fallo

    Best thing ever bought for my boat improve my gas mileage improve the speed doesn’t Way that much have a 25 Yamaha 06 takes it like a champ

  7. Rob (verified owner)

    I love the jack plate. I fish Arkansas trout rivers often and was never able to make it up the rocky shoals until last weekend with the new OTF jack plate. Job well done.

  8. sergio lamboy (verified owner)

    The jack plate itself is awesome. Changed the performance and handling of my boat for the better. Didn’t realize the possibility of an interference issue. The 2020 mercury 20hp outboard has a different carry handle location that interferes with the jack plate adjuster when trying to tilt the motor for adjustment or towing. Had to modify the carry handle after installation. See below. #1 Is showing handle location. #2 Is showing towing position with jack plate extended. #3 jack plate and motor in the water.

    Image #1 from sergio lamboy
    Image #2 from sergio lamboy
    Image #3 from sergio lamboy
  9. Cody McMullen (verified owner)

    It truly is a game changer I’ve gained more speed and can go skinnier than ever before. There’s nothing that compares to OTF JackPlates. I highly recommend this product. Great craftsmanship and super easy to install.

  10. Drew Franey (verified owner)

    Def worth the money I give it a 10/10 helped the performance of my boat tremendously.

    Image #1 from Drew Franey
    Image #2 from Drew Franey
  11. Douglas G. (verified owner)

    Such a excellent product very sturdy and well made I will recommend this to anyone looking for adjustability.

  12. david crawford (verified owner)

    Works as advertised. Operation is straightforward .

  13. Gavin J. (verified owner)

    Fit my boat perfect and makes for a smooth enjoyable ride.

  14. Nick (verified owner)

    Love it !

    Image #1 from Nick
    Image #2 from Nick
  15. Nick (verified owner)

    This is a game changer for sure. With my long shaft Evinrude outboard I can finally take my boat shallow without any worries. Definitely Pricy but it’s 100% worth the investment. I love how I can adjust my outboards height in seconds.

  16. Martin

    100 % satisfied with purchase. Fast shipping to Canada at a very reasonable rate, no custom charges. Jack plate does exactly as described by vendor and will recommend .

  17. Trey L. (verified owner)

    Good but u have to wear the jack in

    Image #1 from Trey L.
  18. William Blair (verified owner)

    Looks great. Well built. Few details I’m not a fan of but overall awesome product

  19. Colin Mason (verified owner)

    No damage. Jack plate is in pristine condition

  20. Kevin Bennett (verified owner)

    Works great. The jack plate added about 5 mph to my boat. Boat planes out better than ever. Install took no more than 30 minutes

    Image #1 from Kevin Bennett
  21. Brian Stock (verified owner)

    Worth every penny! Easy to install, not only did it increase the speed on my Gheenoe classic by 2-3 mph but now I can get back to areas I couldn’t before.

  22. Dan Oates, Yankeetown, FL. (verified owner)

    I mounted this on my Classic Gheenoe with a 15HP Yamaha short 15″ shaft motor. Before installation the cavitation plate was about 1″ below the bottom of the transom. After installation the cavitation plate is even with the bottom at its lowest setting and 5 1/2 ” above at its highest setting. At the highest setting the cooling water inlet still draws water. It also allowed me to set the trim rod at its lowest bow down position. I do wish they offered an extension to the adjusting handle as it sits pretty far back.

  23. Hunter Johnson (verified owner)


  24. Robert Tiller (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for something like this and it’s great! I have a 1440 Xpress with a Yamaha 25 2 stroke and I’ve gained 3mph plus the boat handles much better. With a good stainless prop, I’m running 34mph.

    Thanks !

  25. Tamera B. (verified owner)

    Very high quality

  26. Clayton H. (verified owner)

    Great product

    Image #1 from Clayton H.
    Image #2 from Clayton H.
  27. Joshua (verified owner)

    Quality product!

  28. JOhn Thomas (verified owner)

    Quality product would definitely recommend to anyone looking to purchase a manual jack plate. Definitely worth the extra money.

    Image #1 from JOhn Thomas
    Image #2 from JOhn Thomas
  29. kathleen k. (verified owner)

    Love it!

  30. Stuart Caudill (verified owner)

    I actually got my Jack plate during the sale posted on Instagram so it was even less than this price thank you.

  31. jason baldridge (verified owner)

    Awesome jack plate!

  32. Douglas C. (verified owner)

    So far I like it, haven’t had it out on the water yet so I guess we will see

    Image #1 from Douglas C.
    Image #2 from Douglas C.
  33. Clayton H. (verified owner)

    Installation was a breeze!!! Can’t wait to try it out on the lake..

    Image #1 from Clayton H.
    Image #2 from Clayton H.
  34. Christopher Macasa (verified owner)

    Easy to install and seems to work great. Haven’t had it on the water yet but can’t imagine there being any issues

    Image #1 from Christopher Macasa
  35. Randy (verified owner)

    Easy to mount, good quality and works great. We have been needing something like this for Jon boats for a long time!

    Image #1 from Randy
  36. Jeffry Young (verified owner)

    Fast Shipping, Great Tech Support Via Phone, First Class Product and it solved all my problems, cranks up and down easily while underway. Allowed me to easily set engine too Precisely the right height. Would definitely recommend this product.

    Thanks Jeff 😊.

  37. Brett L. (verified owner)

    Works great really adds to boat.

    Image #1 from Brett L.
    Image #2 from Brett L.
    Image #3 from Brett L.
  38. Tim L

    This is a great addition to my boat. Install was a bit awkward due to my transom being non-standard. It’s just took a bit of creativity and had to drill a few new holes in the plate, but the end result is excellent. The crank handle is extremely close to the tiller handle on my Johnson 25 and I may raise the motor clamps a bit to give more clearance. I am still able to use while cruising however. I had to switch from a stock aluminum 3 blade prop to a cupped 4 blade stainless in order to run on plane at fully raised. For river fishing this has completely changed my game. I can run in plane in 6″ of water!!!

  39. Heather T. (verified owner)

    They made purchase easy and the owner is extremely friendly to work with!

  40. nathan laskiewicz (verified owner)

    I Fish saltwater flats.and creeks in the big bend section of Florida. I placed the On the Fly manual jack on my 16 Griff (stumpknoceker). with a 25 hp mercury. The boat performed better than expected with the jack plate. I can now run back into the creek on low tide and skip across the shallows with confidence. The manual crank makes it easy and convenient to adjust..I am extremely pleased and highly recommend On the Fly jack plate

    Image #1 from nathan laskiewicz
  41. Daniel Swan (verified owner)

    Love it, this is my second jack plate from on the fly. I live down a small canal with lots of logs, when I leave out I have the motor jacked all the way up. When I get to the main river I lower it back down and send it. Works great for my use. Bit of advice is to always have the jack plate handle pointed at 6 o clock. Had mine at 12 and my motor hit a log, kicked up and bent the handle. I easily bent it back without any problems. I would recommend due to its simplicity and quality. Buy you one!

  42. David Franklin (verified owner)

    The best investment I’ve made to my 1548 scandy white hull picking up 5mph with it. Pairs very well with a stainless prop and a permatrim anti-ventilation plate. Awesome design and robust. High quality unit!

    Image #1 from David Franklin
    Image #2 from David Franklin
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NEW FEATURE! Standard Manual Jack Plate (up to 30hp without trim and tilt and standard BIA bolt pattern)

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